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  • Nickname: Seeker
    Nationality: U.S. of A. 
    Age: Too old. Not old enough.

    Previous Experience: 

    I kick ass. Also, I can probably get you folks in contact with kentaro. That requires me to get off my ass. That might be too much to ask. 
  • Most confusing thing trying to remember what you nicked way back when;

    lalalasa/Apollo got me into Myth TFL just as everyone migrated to Myth 2 which I bought straight away. I went by -Disco- on a shared TFL account which spawned lots of variants on the name when others played on the same. I switched to L o t u s without any thought and bunched up with the Smorgasbord that was the Swedish Meatballs as they started out, I think Thalandor coached my audition on S-Web BC, something that I had seen Apollo play for hours on end. Wow, the memories.

    My last login was goldfish and this was what prompted my final name change, probably deep into Silmarillion lore; Ar-Pharazon which was cut short to Ar in time.

    Really good to see so many familiar names, I'll see if I can return the favor with Apollo and get him here as well. Hi Zar!
  • Aliases: WarriorMouse, WazzaMouse, Fog
    Clan/Order: µDogs (UnderDogs) since 98
    Myth: Started in 1998
    Age: 30s
    Profession: Developer, primarily Web and Mobile applications

    Myth Stuff: Inactive Project Magma original. Maintained several Myth sites for years though backed off a few a couple years ago., µDogs Hotline Server, and did some maintenance coding for some Myth World Cup tournament site. Did a little plugin stuck way back when but nothing serious.

    Current gaming: World of Warcraft, Eve Online, a little Starcraft2 and Diablo3 when ChrisP begs ;)
  • lank, formerly known as lank.

    came to myth in the tfl days, but only really started doing community stuff when m2 arrived on the scene.

    once upon a time a member of midnight resistance (MiR), now an H'Pak member, though it's been a while since i've played any myth, thanks to life and all that. did mapmaking and hung out on the old vista fora and moved around with the community websites somewhat. used to hang out on udogshl a fair bit.

    now in my 30s and finishing off a phd in applied mathematics, so no serious gaming at the moment, but did go through a strong halo phase.

    i used to type all in lower case, as you see so far, but I've largely trained myself to write with "proper" capitalisation because it's annoying reminding myself when to to use which style. However, I think that the nickname here shall remain 'lank', all lower case. Just 'cause.

    Great to see so many familiar names. I want to keep my eye on this. A trip down memory lane, but something new at the same time. If I ever have the leisure... :D
  • Monkey, formerly known as 4 Butted Monkey (tfl)
    Age: almost 30

    Started in the beginning with tfl, played very steadily throughout and mariusnet until 2004. Had a short Myth2 experience with MWC2k1 as a member of IronChef. We switched from tfl to sb for the summer, and couldn't field a team at the end to finish better than 11th. (Damn summer college and jobs!)

    Finished my mariusnet tfl as part of the clan Kamppur. The only active members I recall were Shaister, August and Oban. My final days were enjoying unranked play with udogs, PoRN, PS, Tank Clan and the associated other acts and individuals I can't remember.

    When I left in 04, it was for a job that I hated, to a job I didn't care to have, to a job I'm very happy with. (When strangers ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I'm retired, because I don't think it can get any better). So, I decided to come back in 2014 to find Mariusnet gone but Gate of Storms up (thank you punkuser) and the Udogs website still up (thank you wazza mouse).

    Most of my time is spent as a family man while working 48/hours a week but still find time for Myth. I'm very much looking forward to the future game and community.
  • edited January 2015
    Nickname: Luxus, has been the same since TFL days
    Nationality: Swedish
    Age: 34
    Previous experience:

    Downloaded the 32.5mb heavy Myth TFL demo on my 14400 modem on release. I still remember the anticipation when I was walking home with the retail version in my backpack. 

    Played in the order LoA in TFL, then joined Swedish Meatballs in Myth 2. Placed well in Myth World Cup 2000 ( #5/#6 ).

    Played Myth III while that was alive and well. Have occationally been visiting Mariusnet for TFL and Myth III.

     Been  hopelessly wishing that something would happen and that the Myth series would ressurect. DeadHold seems equally good!

    BTW. Hi Zaramis! A lot of years have passed since last time :)
  • edited January 2015
    Corrections to some people profiles are badly in need here.... (^_^)

    El Bastard
    Really lives in Kodiak's basement with PoohBear and eats honey and pizza and tries hard to play D3 ROS.
    Kodiak had to come back from Iraq and get Moliere and Mesmerism to tie him down to take his cough medicine before [cb]  went into hibernation one winter.
    One of the few bears that actually blowdries his fur after a shower (think of a big bouncy Ursus afro)

    Lives trapped under the stairs in Velveteens
    mothers house and taps on the walls at night in morse code , hoping to
    be heard and let out by Pythos.Often fed marinara pizza by Traxus and Drunkbob (when not drunk) and sometimes brought carrots by Deathwhore who feels he owes him after one pool party went awry.

    Lives in a caravan in Reno with Waywardone
    and ocassionally gets visits from Hoder who just wants to sell him in
    Los Vegas for coin for slotmachines.Eats whatever is in someone elses
    Legolas often arrives unannounced with beer and pizza and gets them all wasted.

    Lives in his fathers basement near  Yale, with Frumious Mob and has a diet that includes HG crystals.
    Often found writing notes about creating Mazzarins Demise 7.
    He alone knows the location of the radioactive wastedump where the remains of Stickler are buried.

    Warrior Mouse
    Lives in... well.. a mousehole suprisingly enough...under Father Merrin's kennel.
    his days wandering aimlessly through New York (sometimes with White
    Rhino and ChrisP) looking for Sunflower B.Fed bread and cheese by Father

    Easily found. Living in a 1972 KombiVan  in
    ChickenWire's house's back yard with Tirri.Profuse amounts of empty
    Absolut bottles litter the yard with empty pizza boxes and packets of
    AKO Chok and Estrella crisps.Has ocassional visits from Creme and
    Babiluba.Has pictures of Phoenix Lords members on the ceiling.

    Ran away from home at 12 with Red Phoenix and lives with Fire in an abandoned factory in Stockholm.
    much same eating habits as Zaramis, but prefers roast chicken with
    Midori and sleeping on a couch in the kitchen area.Has a pet rat called

    Lives in a forest in Indonesia with Shaister and
    Drizzt who has a longhouse with several native Iban tribesmen.Owns a
    pair of Bracers of Brachiation and commmunicates with Orangs.Wears a
    Myth 2 t-shirt.

    Lives in a room in the Santa Monica
    firestation with Scruggler.Helps cleans the fireengine as it is a mean
    machine with Zinfandel.Once went to a callout that was a Domino's shop
    and took the remains to AlienNate's.He likes tartan striped cookies as

    Ran away with Butcher to Seattle to live in a WW2 hotbox in Microsofts canteen area.Owes The Corporation money ( i.e John Key.)
    Likes chocolate fish and Bluebird crisps with L&P.
    Did a lot of work with Jinn, and ended up getting trapped in it ;Tron-like, before escaping with Dancer from TWF..

    Lives with DeathWhore and Nosfaekil (why I have NO idea).Those guys are most unusual..but fun .
    mostly salads and has been known to chew on biltong (most VR members
    have some stashed in their fur..somewhere.) Visited by Rahl on ocassion
    who frowns at him.

    Was found sneaking around Yeroen's
    castle and thrown into a cell by Alex and JJ who fed him Twinkies and
    Jolt  and made to pack Myth 2 CD's into jewel cases.
    Finally rescued
    by Stinger and Stefan and now lives on a quiet ramshackle beachhouse
    SoCal near the Mexican border and taking "tourists" on day trips.

    Lives in a furnace.Eats flamable objects..fails and fails to beat Mazz 6 on Legendary  with 80%....'nuf said 

    in a safehouse provided by Kentaro.Eats the usual VR food and forgets
    to comb his fur often like Circumflex.Visited by WightMeat who assures
    him that the DOJ  *will*  look after him and that his Appalacian Hot
    Springs nighmares of being wighted will eventually end.So he thinks

    Went to visit Gramps in Osaka and got "lost" in a Geisha house for a few years.
    Not quite been the same since and likes okonomyaki and sushi with sake.As with most GfH misplaces his zimmer frame.

    several years lost in Sterns basement after being lured there with
    pizza.Was finally rescued by FireChief.Likes Taco Bell and mountain dew
    and has been known to hide himself in a cupboard when he hears
    Soulblighters voice.

    A new player i.e nub,newb,newbie etc
    Lives with his parents and goes to Takapuna Grammar and lusts after Westlake Girls High girls.
    Often found wandering in Henderson or Botany Downs looking for L&P and  easts mostly Hell Pizza.

    with Renwood in Renwoods garage in Arizona.Eats whatever Renwood cooks,
    which is almost never, so Mc Donalds is a favourite haunt.
    Drinks Budwiser light.
    Is scared of Trow.

    Drunken Irishman,
    lives under the Footscray Overpass.
    LIVES on Guinness... 'nuff said.
    Often seen at St Patricks Day parades and dancing around in some green outfit.

    Not to be confused with Ned Hamfist (cousin)
    Likes paella and tequila.
    Lives in a converted 1969 Cadillac parked near the New Jersey Turnpike.
    Often reminisces about Myth World Cup 1998 .

    Is a rake.Made of vinyl.
    Lives in a caravan in Milton Keynes and shops at Tesco for cheese bread and baked beans.
    Often wonders what happened to The Yattering as he wanted to do a psych profile on him.
    Scared of Stairs of Grief.

    Was injured in a transporter accident on Empok Nor and remained trapped there and alone until "rescued" by The Obsidian Order.
    Likes...replicated food.
    Swears he is just a simple tailor....

    Lives in a snake burrow in Lauincestion and likes apples and currant bread.
    Used to run around with Lord Phycos and Gothmog before the latter stole his fridge of food  on a boozy night of Myth.
    Scared of mongoose's.....obviously

    lives in a foxden..suprisingly.
    Wanders around the countryside looking for Guerro and Frog in a Box.
    Likes to raid chickencoops and  play snooker with Ratphlegm.
    Has also been known to wear a waistcoat.

    Was held in a box in Sao Paulo  by Rauko and guarded by Skippy.
    Managed to get free by bribing a guard and escaped to Utah , only to be held captive by Mormons and made to sing in the Tabernacle Choir.
    Likes Trow....a much so he seems to have mindmelded with them in Myth

    Ok.... my head hurts remembering all this crap....... but fun it was  :-) 

  • Wow that's one impressive memory!
  • Nickname:  Killerking / KillerKing =ulms=
    Nationality:  Dutch
    Age: 20 (I feel so young in here ;) )
    Previous Experience:

    I have played the Myth TFL and Myth II demo's when I found them attached to some Mac Magazines. Years later I bought the 'Green Berets' game at my local library, which was selling its old games. It came with Myth II and I got hooked to the gameplay. Unfortunately I did not have an connection to the internet at the time, but when my parents bought an iMac I was able to use some unsecured wifi networks and I got on Mariusnet. This was in the final days of playmyth and unfortunately it was extremely difficult to find a game at Mariusnet, yet I could not forget the game. After everyone made the transition to Mariusnet I started a clan with some people I liked to play with and called it Until Last Man Stands, had some fun time while I was capping in multiple tournaments (MWC, TWS) despite my horribly laggy connection. When I finally got a 'real' internet connection myth was dying, but I couldn't give up the game - I simply love the gameplay.

    p.s. If any of the old ULMS players reads this, or anyone who ever played under the ULMS banner in a tournament for that matter, send me a message! Would love to hear from you folks ;)
  • Not bad Rukia, you seem to know a bit about Myth history lol.

    I had forgotten about Stickler until you brought that up....Sir. I would have rather forgotten that altogether.
  • edited January 2015
    double post
  • edited January 2015
    Ducky aka Bone
    31 USA

    Creator of Myth comics, videos, articles, reviews, posters, underwear, tattoos, etc. 

    I've been around since '97, but only started doing cool stuff around 2004.

    Latest article here.
    First article here(?).
    Nostalgic videos here and here.
  • Monkey,
    Sometimes , having a good memory is a curse.Not to mention thousands of screenshots of conversations  |:)
    I ahve a lot of stuff backed up.. just not sure where.
    I remember people like  Rilak and Nightblade from Lords of Destruction, Ruprect from The Four Horsemen, Pepaa and Banana Man , Orders like 5:01 , Knights of Eblis  , JaG, Wings of Destruction, Bot, AoD etc etc.People like Mugoogio, Thalander (real one) , Loser ,Mercy,Kith Kanaan, Sartan, Balic,El Caballo Loco,Angel, Dark Angel, Odin, Malkavian,David Eddings Order , The Fnords,HoL, AmotT,....days of past glory should never be lost :) .I will have to collect all my old harddrives together and creat a huge Myth archive of tens of thousands of games, I played and you will remeber as well... Life is but a circle and Donne's Compass....
  • If I remember correctly, I used DuckHunter as my nickname on Myth TFL.  
    Shortly after I started playing with Inferno and Blue and was invited to join Evil Inc. -E.I.- 
    I played online a lot through Myth 2.  

    Like many here, Myth was one of my all time favorite games.  It was very satisfying after a major battle to pan the camera across the field to view the carnage.  My brother sent me a link to this site last week and when I heard the "Flag Captured" voice in the videos I was brought back to so many great memories. 

    I'm excited to see what changes Deadhold brings and all the awesome stuff that I hope remains from the days of Myth.
  • I've hung around Myth since 1998, when a buddy showed me TFL while we were commuting to work on a train.  I got heavily into mapmaking for Myth 2, then was the driving force behind the initial Myth 2 updates to get them working on modern operating systems and (with varying degrees of success) add improvements to the game.  From 2003 onwards was part of Project Magma and uDogs, but around 2008 I pretty much said goodbye to Myth and went on to other things. 

    Great to see so many familiar faces here :)
  • Oh my god! Luxus! And Lotus! 

    It's been so long. I can honestly say that I never thought I'd talk to essentially anyone from Sm again, maybe except Fire since we have met many times in RL..

    Pretty crazy. I am dying from nostalgia here! So good to see you in the DH community. :)
  • Nickname: Jon God
    Nationality: U.S. of A. Age: Kinda young compared to a lot of you guys

    Previous Experience: 
    My older brother played Myth TFL and Myth 2 when their demos were released on the Mac Addict disks, and played through until the end. He later played on until it died. Later on after finding Mariusnet, I played a little myself. It wasn't until early 2009 when I really jumped aboard, playing a lot more, and trying my hand at creating plugins.

    I made Deadfall, a coop zombie survival plugin for Myth 2, an unfinished Tower Defense Level, an unfinished Diablo style coop RPG level with random drops and such, a long WIP Myth HD override for all of the units in Myth 1 and 2. Finally, what most people remember me for, is the detail texture pack for Myth 2, which covers nearly 400 maps.

    Been riding the Deadhold train since the first screens showed up, will ride it all the way into the final station. Can't wait.
  • edited February 2015
    The story journey continues ..... :)

    Lives in  Jedi Val's jedi temple in a cell ,and given M&M's laced with midiclorians to try and convert him.
    Phos takes pity on him and feeds him rice with teriyaki chicken and sake when he is not lightsabre instructing zerks.
    Recently got Cityhunter as a neighbour who tasks him on "those craps Ground Zero and Desert" games

    (sorry I missed u )
    Captured by Baak and made to work in H'Pak's kitchen and serves them coffee and cake for gaming sessions.
    Hedgesnake and TwoSak's like their cappuchino's thrice daily.
    Likes pizza and brought guinness by Guiness from OMAG.
    Pyro's cousin is the oven.

    Lives in a butchers shop with Bizzy Bone and the rest of the Bone Krew.
    Likes to give sausages to stray  cats that wander out the back of the shop.
    Often seen with cheese sandwich and a sixpack of Heineken and watching NBL.

    lives in a rundown 35 room hotel in Buenos Aries  with fugitives from Marmontas Assassins.
    Drinks Curacao margaritas on the balcony.
    Often seen in the bar with gaucho's from Paraguay.
    Room number 1024.

    Strange as it may seems actually managed to escape with some Marmontas Assassins to Carlinho's hotel.
    Prefers to drink Bacardi on ice and eats chicken pizza's.
    Will make a good paella, which he shares with the fugitive crew in the hotel.
    Room number 1026.

    Enslaved  by Savanrola in his barn.
    Made to watch co-op videos endlessly and has to sleep on a straw bed.
    Drinks milk and whatever Sav feeds him (usually salads).
    Visited by Vantobia on occasions, who gives him a packet of Tim Tams.

    New Mutator,
    Lives in a small hut on Pyro's farm with  a Zerk.
    Made to practice a scottish accent and eat haggis.
    likes to drink warm milk laced with whiskey by his roommate.

    MasterChief ,
    Lives on Pyro's farm also near the forest there in another hut with a dwarf.
    Made to drink warm lemonade and eat surly Ghol steaks on occasion.
    Prefers to drink Oblon or Slavutych beer and eats borscht normally.
    Has to practice Mazz 5 times a day hoping to beat it with 80% on Legendary with Pyro.

    Was once captured by Elfoid TFS and whipped by his crew , but managed to eacape with the help of Morgoth.
    Lives in his basement now , recovering.
    Likes to eat fried chicken and drink tomato juice.
    Sometimes seen in the garden of Morgoths house weeding the flowerbeds.

    Lives in one of Electrofryers houses where he works as a  gardener.
    Looks after the lotus pond and feeds the carp in it.
    Likes to drink Absolut and eat Norwegian Salmon.
    Dracula and Avatar sometimes visit him and and bring him a cloudberry pie.

    Lives with a young boy called Hogarth and his family in secret holiday home in Reykjavik and likes to eat magnetite and North Atlantic Cod (for the oil)
    Is building a starship with Synapsed, Malory and Ravenstorm (and some others from his Iron citadel).

    Often gets strange looks by cheerleaders who shoot him with hardened Nerf ammunition.
    Was captured by BabyDoll and is locked up in a cell in her Asylum,  until he finishes his unfinished  projects and Myth maps.
    Is fed by Zor from JaG , mostly spaghetti and steak (go the protein!), as she takes pity on him like a lost son.
    Talks to Zeph in the next cell and hears  LT cry at night in sometimes down the hall in his cell.

    For some reason the formatting is messsed up.How do I fix it?
  • my name is James King, i am friends with CD0UG i have played myth with him over the past year or so and its a great game, unfortunately very small community left, excited to play dead hold as it looks very promising
  • hello my name is ben, i have never played myth before but i seen this game on youtube and it looks very intresting!
  • Hi!

    I was really excited to stumble across Deadhold in a Reddit post whilst looking for any glimmer of hope of 'Myth 4' on Google. Myth II: Soulblighter was the first ever game I played online, and I seriously miss it. I was only 12 at the time when it came out and I remember being heartbroken when the server got shut down. Unfortunately I was too young to really use my brain and make the most of what the community built using 3rd party methods of still playing. I was a massive fan of the WW2 Recon plugin and played that a lot. Found some videos with some familiar names the other week and brought back some good memories!

    Looking forward to seeing how the game develops, as it is already looking very promising!
  • Nickname: ComatosePhoenix, Pihutihutihutijay.
    Nationality: US
    Age: 20

    Previous Experience:
    Saw Guavamoment's let's play of myth 3 and was fascinated. I liked how the combat worked in myth compared to other "strategy" games. The fact that you could rename units and laugh as the dwarf "Urist McSplodey" threw a bomb at the wrong time. I dabble in multiplayer, but it didn't have the same feel. 

    The only game design experience I have is a few old skulltag mods and maps that are floating around the web. Occasionally goofing around with the free unreal engine but nothing ever came from that. 

  • Name: iBookworm
    Location: subject to change
    Age: 30
    Profession: unrelated

    Myth Related:
    Long time Bungie Marathon fan on my family’s old 68K Performa as a kid. Fired up the Myth: TFL demo from an old MacWorld demo disc when I was a teen, and loved the tactics, the mood, the physics, everything. At the time my old PowerBook 1400c had to run Myth using the very lowest settings, and slowed down in big battles. I used to pause the game and hit F5 to see how lovely it looked with better textures, and zoom in and look around at all the beautiful frozen physics stuff. Later I got a Umax mac clone with a Rage 128 card and couldn’t believe how awesome Myth looked and ran.

    I played the single player in Myth and Myth II over and over, though I confess I was never very good. I loved the story, the mood, the whole feel of the world. I loved the peace and mystery on many maps before all heck broke loose. I loved the war-weary tone of the warrior’s narration introducing each new map, and the feeling of being just a small part of big events, a vanguard on the edge of massive battles.

    I was just thinking the other day that we need a new small-unit-focused tactical game. Total War is too big and impersonal for me. I want to watch my battle-hardened group of outnumbered warriors slog through mud or pace carefully through sunny glades with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I want battles where an individual fighter can decide the outcome, battles where chaos and fluidity are the norm, where rushing to form a desperate line or outmaneuver an overcommitted opponent is the focus rather than cold rock/paper/scissors decisions.

    Needless to say, I’m absolutely ecstatic about discovering Deadhold.

    I was only briefly active online in Blue&Grey circa 2004 or so. I’m quite interested in Deadhold’s multiplayer, but my real engagement with the game will probably be through solo/coop play. I hope Deadhold has a great, moody story!
  • Souly : The only South African that still playe's Myth.

    Played Myth since 1997 but back in those day's online gaming in South Africa was still new.
    Joined the online Myth community around 2004 and got hooked on making mods.

    I make new Myth units. (3d models, animations and effects )

    I did take part in some of the Myth World Cups but i was more of a coop player.

    Looking forward to play this game!!!  ...and make mods for it : >

  • edited February 2015
    Nickname: Isolder, always
    Nationality: american
    Age: the same

    I have played Myth for a long time and I am no one of note. I am just amazed at all the old names that are in this thread so I had to post. Even Kelstek the Grand Poobah of PDGA. Just awesome.
  • edited March 2015
    Nationality: U.S.A.
    Age: 31

    I started playing Myth: TFL when I got a demo for it in a magazine back in 1997. I loved the game and have been playing both Myth I and II with friends off and on over the years thanks to the hard work of the guys at Project Magma and the rest of the community. I'm a nobody in the community, I don't even remember what handle I used back in the day when I did play online.

    I'm very excited to have found Deadhold and look forward to playing it in the future.
  • Zaknafein
    United Counties of California

    I found this forum by accident but really support your attempts to make Myth 4, and just hope Renwood/Oogabooga don't sue you for copyright infringement. Happy to help in any way I can but I'm on a mac so I'm not sure how I'll be doing that. Thanks for having me.
  • Hey All!

    Played a hell of a lot of Myth II in highschool.

    Been waiting on a remake or a similar game ever since.   I about had a heart attack when I found DeadHold   Thank you so much.

    I need in on the Beta testing!

  • Nickname: Nod
    Nationality: Southern Eastern Hemispherian
    Age: middle old
    Profession: Dev / Devops / Cloud

    Myth II player since late 90s, switched to linux from win98 in 2000 and played the Loki port of Myth II (still have it). Loki version went out of sync so stopped playing on linux. Played some 1.4/1.5 on Mac round 2003/4 ish? When 1.7.2 was released for Linux I installed and played online for a while, did some minor 1.8 linux testing, then steam for Linux was released and I got distracted. Looking forward to beta testing on SteamOS (nvidia proprietary) and Ubuntu (nvidia proprietary, intel).
  • Poland, 27
    play casually all 3 myths (two times at lan party)
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