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A list of thoughts

edited January 24 in Alpha Test Feedback
I played about 5 or 6 games the other night over about 3 hours - one of each of the game types and maps. I am a veteran Myth player, and thought I'd share the various thoughts I had about the game (which I love BTW):

1. From the back, when standing still, I had trouble telling lurkers and sappers apart - they have a big area of solid colour, and are almost the same size.

2. Are there going to be body parts flying off exploding bodies? Not crucial, but I liked them on Myth.

3. We discussed the difficulty of adding a mix of male/female untis for archers and maybe warriors too. I do think all female is a little strange - If you only made mixed archers, I don't think you'd need different animations (as was mentioned), just a model and voices.

4. In Myth, again, I loved the way the wight explosions caused the ground to ripple outwards with their awesome power. That effect would be amazing, but I'm guessing tough to implement.

5. It would be clearer to set up teams if you could do it in the room list (to the right of the chat) where you can see the names and avatars together, rather than repeating the information in two different places on the screen (when setting up I have to keep checking up and down as I don't know anyone's avatars, and there are no names at the top)

6. During unit trading, having the spare points in the top right and the yellow arrows all turning on and off was awkward and fiddly. I kept finding it hard to manage everything. Maybe if the number of spare points you have appeared on a little coin next to your cursor, it would be easier to see what you had left?

7. The ice freeze spell works backwards. Every time you use any other spell you choose it then click on the battlefield. Even though I knew that you needed to choose a unit first; every. single. time I used the freeze spell I accidentally froze my own units. I don't know if any of the other spells work this way around, but it should really be consistent with the other spells. (I appreciate it's probably done this way because you may mis-click the unit, but there could easily be another action after the click to confirm, so to freeze you: Choose spell. Click unit. Press Return.)

8. I love the tilt-shift effect on the loading screens, where it's out of focus at the top and bottom. so it looks like a tabletop model. If you could toggle that in-game it would be brilliant.

9. As I mentioned earlier on Discord - the colours are a little 90's neon for me, but that's just personal taste - the health bars are so intense! Also the yellow halo around your units is incredibly overwhelming. It drowns out the subtle models (Especially if you are selling cosmetics, and then having them obscured by yellow halos). There is a dotted grey line around the flags at the round start - you should test using that colour for unit highlights , it's far more toned down, but still really clear.

(Also a final note: PSVR users (me included) are absolutely desperate for games right now - If you could launch this on VR you would become millionaires!)


  • Hi Thos, thanks for the feedback!

    1) I'll see what I can do. Might be easy enought o fix with different contrasted patterning.
    2) Already in. Last weekend they were a little hard to blow off, making the pieces come off easier this week.
    3) While I think having gender variations would be fantastic, and is indeed on the list, its going to be a while coming before we have the resources to consider it.
    4) The sneak explosion effect is going to get a big update in the near future.
    5) Thats on the list, but we'll keep the two locations.
    6) Can you make a diagram of what you're thinking?
    7) Yeah, misclicking is the biggest issue, and we are pretty adamant about avoiding modal confirms in-game.
    8) It's an easy to apply camera effect, but primarily anything that obscures visibility of the game is a nono.
    9) When I get to the next round of work on the UI, I'll take a look at what could use some reduction in color.
    10) Sadly, DH will never work on a console, or VR. :)
  • 6: Something like this - the cost is near the up and down arrows, and the points remaining is in the same style, attached to your cursor. This way you can do the mental maths all in one place, rather than the cost and points remaining being in different places (I didn't spot 'remaining' for about 3 games). I kept having to look backwards and forwards, and always ran out of time. I guess with experience it's easier, but for idiot noobs (me) the layout is quite confusing. Here's a mock up:

    7. I don't know what a modal confirm is, I guess it's a kind of 'Are you sure?' pop-up. Does this mean you think it's OK as it is? There may still be other options. Maybe if you make the spells look different so the user knows that some are 'instant' and some need another click to activate.
  • edited January 26
    Catch me on discord and lets chat (maybe in voip) about #6. Attaching to the cursor seems a little strange to me. if you only show it when the mouse is over that section players could very easily not see they have more points available. If it remains while the cursor is somewhere else it loses all context to units, and unit points and can be mistaken for something else.

    7) Modal, means you're, stuck in the confirm or canel dialog until you do one more the other. It breaks game flow, takes players out of the game, and is generally really annoying, and can get players killed. Imho, its fine for different spells to work in different ways. This spell is a selection required spell. Other spells are an AOE spell that don't require a selection. If someone comes up with a better solution I'm all ears, but activating and clicking will see a lot of frustration by players wasting their spells on the wrong units.

    Labelling it may work, but I haven't seen much precedent for that in other games, and clutters an already information dense space. Thoughts?
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