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Feedback - SL

edited January 2017 in Alpha Test Feedback
Hey, my mic is broken so I'll give some comments here on my first try with Deadhold.

Tutorial (first try in uploaded video)

Panning/rotating with mouse. Easy to understand, but I found it pretty hard during actual play time (that wave thing in the end of tutorial). Going from shift holding MMB to start clicking enemy units. I'll probably do most camera movement with keyboard, however the rotating with keyboard was not at all as smooth as rest of the movements. It probably should say middle mouse button, and not MMB tho. Many are used to the term, but some wont be.

Clicking LMB or RMB. I found this a bit confusing in the tutorial. I wasn't sure when to use LMB. RMB was for most things, but suddenly I needed to use LMB. Maybe I just missed that part in the tutorial...

Miss clicks. Was pretty hard to select the units sometimes. Feeling was that the area for clicking the unit wasn't big enough. 

Selecting units. Also, was/is there no command for selecting all units? I found the F-buttons useful, however, why did I need to hold those buttons? Couldn't I just tap the button? Same thing in ol Myth for presets that you have to hold the button for a sec or so. Don't see the point of it..

Formations. Had problem with understanding the hold down/release mouse button thing. How, when, why.. I felt a bit stupid there :). Also, great thing with the dubble tapping for widening separation. I tried doubble tap several times, but only worked to do it one time. I think multiple tappings would be useful. 

Melee and targeting. In melee I didnt understand if the melee continued to attack at first or not. It felt like they sometimes were just standing still and that you had to take a unit and click again for him to do anything (does that help?) Is it some kind of micro thing? Rotating camera is pretty important in micro to see the angles (if many units), but trying to do that with the mouse just messes up the clicking and doing it with keyboard wasnt smooth enough (described above). 

Bugs. None that I could see. I think the animation for that zapper guy looked a bit bad sometimes. Radius of blast under the ground. Also, missed the throwing frame one or two times. A simple popup with a button saying "exit to desktop" when you have finnished the tutorial would be good.I got a bit confised if there were more or so to it. 


  • 1) Panning and rotating - we'e probably going to ask the player up front in a dialogue what control scheme they prefer, wasd or mouse. We'll also replace MMB with Middle Mouse Button.'

    2) LMB is for selection, RMB is for attacking and moving. Its mentioned in the tutorial in the first two stages. Left clicking on the warrior to select him, and band selecting rangers in the second part.

    3) Misclicks ... yeah we're discussing this. We've already increased the click capsule radius a lot, and I personally think its to do with how much we allow players to pull the camera out. We're investigating, and its at the top of my hit list.

    4) Tab. Try double tapping F, we have a single click F by default so players can jump the camera to squads quickly. ... So for example if I had a squad on a flag, but I was off on some other part, I'd hit F3 and F in quick succession to jump to that location.

    5) I want to dig down into this with you if possible.

    6) Alpha. A lot of final content isn't in, particularly animations. Working on it. :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

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