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Why am I doing this?

edited January 2017 in Alpha Test Feedback
Hi there

Quick F-F-F-Feeeeeedback here!

1st thing - Match history. You run the game, can't remember what you played last? BAM! Just click a tab in your profile and check if you played Adventure, Deathmatch, Terries or whatever there will be more! Other than checking for the games you played, you could see the players too to honor/commend them for a game or report them for....something? Competetive match statistics could include ranks, detailed unit death time, deity used, and stuff.

2nd thing! - WORKSHOP. You guys said that workshop is going to be implemented....But what about the thing that Talos Principle did? That apart from running the game in normal mode you run it with workshop integrity, where maps, gamemodes, new units etc. would be enabled? Ofc that would mean Adventure mode locked down so no god like units were available to go through the campaign, or get it a new save so you can use it? I don't know about that yet. Just a thought after all.

3rd thingy - I must say that Deadhold is great! I love the stuff, and it's less complicated than Dawn Of War which is really nice. #HopeItHelps


  • Hey MrPlaner!

    1) Thats def. on the list of things we want to do. Great minds think alike.

    2) We've discussed this before among ourselves. It's actually a crazy big undertaking, and probably not likely to show up any time soon if we do decide we'd like to do it. It has to do with needing to host that 3rd party content on our servers, (which could be unsafe) or create a peer to peer system for workshop content games only ... its not a small task, at all. :)

    3) Thanks!
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