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I'm not going to repeat what the other players said in there discussions so this will be a short one.
1. the map where there is snow (don't know the name sry).
The map is nice it has good potential something i realy dislike about it is the fact that the wind sounds like some kind of zombie it is kinda funny if you hear it but it is more like you play some kind of zombie game with that sound.
2. the sapper
the sapper is a great unit one that you can hard counter it might need some more balancing.
-part about the sapper sometimes when you think you cancelled the attack the animation stops but it will still trow the bomb, i got this on a video see one of my video's (like 90% of them got this on video).
3. Auto attack range
there needs to be a increase in attack range for some units (for auto attack)
a sapper who got a attack command from a player will get in range from a ranger around the time he trows the bomb.
this said ranger have a large range but the auto attack range is so small, this is something you wan't to increase
4. horde mode
making the AI focusing Units better rather then standing still when they get dmg from a fire totem

this was all so far, i hope you will take a few idee's into considertation.

Hell ye!

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