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Organizing Eu Player Time

Hi Folks

to find a time for EU tester to test this game i think everyone should post their preferred times with timezone.

Im from Germany
I work on weekends and im mostly home at 20:00 UTC +1 and go to work mostly at 13:00.

Monday       19:00-0:00    UTC +1
Tuesday      19:00-0:00    UTC +1
Wednesday 18:00-0:00    UTC +1
Thursday      19:00-0:00   UTC +1
Friday          19:00- 2:00  UTC +1
Saturday      20:00 - 2:00 UTC +1
Sunday        20:00- 1:00  UTC +1


  • Poland here, and I'm mostly ok with Isl times, only that I'd rather go on earlier.
    Maybe from 18:00 till 22/23:00?
    And Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'm ok with even 17:00 till 0/1:00 with Sunday being exluded as I need to get up early on Mondays, so I think from 17:00 till 22:30 being the max for me.
  • I'm from Croatia, same TZ as above, I get up early Mon-Fri so I can't usually play past 22-23:00. I can usually play for the better part of the day on saturdays.
  • UTC+1
    Any day from 18:00-22:00 (week days)
    weekends after 13:00-06:00 (friday/saturday)
  • UTC
    During the week I usually come from work at 21:00-21:30. I can play till 00:00 most of the time.
    Saturdays 20:00-01:00
    Sundays 20:00-23:00 need to get up early too
  • Week days are best for me, 17:00-00:00. Tuesday-thursday beeing the best. Saturdays are probably the worst. 
  • here the list of all Eu testers atm


    so these testers havent posted their preferred times:

  • whopps forgot one tester:

  • xD that name someLoser
  • Hello, UK here. I am free most evenings from about 8pm UK time (9pm Western Europe).
  • Yeah, don't forget me!! :)

  • we will always forget you someloser
  • ~20:00 sounds nice. Just do not count on me on thursdays.
  • i would set
    21:00- 23:00 Sundays UTC+1

    sounds like a time where all have time to play.
    would be cool to have feedback from you guys.

    if anyone wants a different time than that pls write in this thread.

  • I would prefer 20:00-22:00 since I have to get up early during weekdays
    Or any time during saturdays
  • Ok then EU Testing Time:
    Sunday 20:00-22:00 UTC +1
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