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My observations

Hey, just wanted to make a thread of my thoughts/observations/feedback that I would keep editing. I love the graphics and animations I've seen so far!

One thing I noticed right away is that in the tutorial when it tells you how to move, it does not say WASD keys, I just knew that intuitively. It says "Pan your camera using the MMB button." Maybe I'm a noob but have no idea what that is. Then it is even more confusing when you have to orbit because it says "Shift + MMB" when what works (at least for me) is using the "Q" and "E" keys (remembered that from Myth). Another note on the orbiting, I notice you guys move it in chunks like maybe 45 degrees or so instead of smooth infinite scrolling with slight acceleration like in the Myth series. I really think people would prefer that if it's not too difficult to implement so that you can position the camera EXACTLY how you want it to be. This is really important during intense multiplayer fights in these games.

Moving on, the scroll mousewheel up and down text is accurate so no tweaking needed there. This next comment is completely stylistic but when you right click to move a unit to a spot, there is a yellow triangle and it shows the direction that unit will be facing (if you hold right click and drag a certain direction) and I think that triangle should be a bit more distinct. Meaning it's a little too equilateral so it's not immediately clear the direction. Super minor quibble but wanted to share thoughts and I'm guessing changing the shape of that triangle to be a bit more "pointy" is not too big a deal.

I'm sure there are many reasons you decided on the exact levels of zoom (probably important gameplay issues) but I would like to be able to zoom in just a bit closer to the battlefield to really see combat up close and personal. I also would like to zoom out farther to be able to take in more of the battlefield.

Possible graphical bug: when you get to the sapper when the camera is behind him if you look at the steps to his right and then rotate the camera so you are looking at those steps straight on, it looks like the shadows are having a siezure. The steps are just flickering. But if you Alt+Tab out and right back in, the flickering is gone. But then if you hit "Q" or "E" again the flickering starts back up. Didn't notice it on the other steps. Also the flickering stops when you zoom all the way out on the right steps. You have to be at least partially zoomed in to see it.

Another preference: I know the commentary in Myth was like this but I feel like the instructions are a tad aggressive. Of course I was noticing it right away because I left the sound on while i tabbed out to type this and just after a short time you run through all your audio lines of being exasperated at me for not doing the right clicks. It's a fine balance between being funny and being annoying. Maybe i'm just getting old lol. Not saying to necessarily change it, just saying a felt a bit "aggressed" like "Damn, I don't need this, i'll play a different game lol" :) One suggestion might be that the voiceovers only happen when a person misclicks or does a wrong action but is completely paused when nothing is going on. Meaning as I'm tabbed out here doing something else I would just hear the background birds chirping and whatnot and only your exasperated voice if i actually do an in game action that you weren't asking me to do.

Suggestion: Not sure if this is just b/c alpha but not a fan of the bomb the sapper throws (just a round globe with no personality) and the explosion fire circle that happens looks very gimmicky. I LOVED the molotov cocktails the dwarves threw in Myth but don't remember what the explosion animation looked like just sure it wasn't the anime sunburst i just witnessed. I do like the little jump this sapper does though.

Squad selection is AWESOME! I know Myth had the formation ability (flying V, Square, Circle formation, etc) but I don't think I could save groups to the different function keys. This is amazing, nice work!!

Resurrection....hmmmm. At first glance I don't like it b/c it's so different but I can see it adding a very complex and cool game mechanic, especially in multiplayer, as long as the soul values per unit are weighted well. Meaning a soldier costs 1 soul, archer 2 souls, sapper 4 souls, Giant 7 souls or whatever. Just like chess pieces are assigned a point value based on their power (pawn = 1, bishop = 3 etc)

Just noticed the archers don't have any bows. All the feedback I have for tonight, time to go to bed.

AWESOME GAME THOUGH GUYS!! Thanks so much for letting me help with the testing!!


  • Some more thoughts: the double tap to space out the chosen formation a little more is GREAT! Spacing in games like this is so crucial so it is amazing to be able to adjust it even slightly. I have a question about that though: How hard would it be to let the user customize what that spacing is? Like say with the square formation (i think that is formation 4 in the tutorial) i like the tight square but i want the double tapped square that spaces them out to be even more spaced out. Would it be hard to make an advanced setting section so I could tweak each one? I'm not saying to add a triple tap or quadruple tap as that would be too much but just being able to adjust the spacing i think would be nice for advanced users/competitive play.

    I found the setting Kelstek pointed me to for smooth orbiting. That is perfect! So glad you guys already thought of that :)

    The warriors sound a bit like Batman which I find weird. Kinda throws me out of the immersiveness of the game.
  • Hi Andross!

    Thanks for the infodump! Much appreciated, response below:

    1) I'll add a task for making MMB to Middle Mouse Button etc.
    2) We have smooth orbit, but its buried in the settings. Ideally I think we want to offer quicksets for players to choose a default scheme. We still have some work to do here.
    3) Triangle could be clearer, I'll add that to the list.
    4) You're right about zoom levels being for gameplay reasons. :)
    5) I'd probably need a video of the sapper shadow issue to diagnose it.
    6) We're still working on the tone of the tutorial voice, it's a hard balance, but fortunately the voice is temp, until we bring in a voice actor with the right voice type. So we have time to find the right balance. I like you suggestion of only doing the VO when you do the wrong action.
    7) We're still working on the exact bomb model, but it will retain its firey brightness for visibility reasons.
    8) We currently only have resurrection in Coop. MP would be a pretty different game with resurrection.
    9) Yup no bows ... they're magic. ;) ... we'll add them in, it just (oddly) hasn't been a priority.
    10) Customized spacing (customized formations) are something we've thought about and ultimately decided against. It's important to have consistency for players and the formations and widths. There's also some technical issues that make that challenging.
    11) Warrior VO is temp, and will be replaced soon(ish).

    Thanks for the great feedback, hope to see you in the next test!
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