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Feedback 1/7/17

You guys have captured the spirit of myth very well in terms of physics, tone and art. I greatly look forward to playing more as well as see it get polished. 

General Gameplay Feedback:
A lot of the details I'm mentioning here could very well be things you are already working on as I'm sure to this point getting it functional has been the most important thing. 

- Hit react time seems a little too large, and possibly attack backswings. 
- death match seemed to be entirely based on damage dealt? If so armies that have a high damage:hp ratio are likely to be the best options for more players. The less HP your units have the less points the enemy can get. Consider making the points based on damage related to point cost of units damaged. 
- If you are looking for a greater amount of micro control in play having a little higher angle camera to allow for easier selection of units in a group would help. 
- Allow greater variance in army composition. The KOTH and DM games I played allowed maxing of nearly all unit types due to low maximum on units like warriors and the thrall like units (durge?) and even some of the more expensive units. 

Deities Feedback:
- I want to play a little more before giving specific suggestions but right now the options here seem overly specific and thus often quite limited in use creating large restrictions in army comp.  
- I could be good to add a slight delay to some ability types that can require high mouse percision (like the AOE freeze), this will lower the percision requirments of those actions as well as assist in overcoming latency when/if they start to show up. 

Potion Feedback:
- Currently the optimal place in most situations is using the healing potion in the middle of combat which seems a little out of place. I'd consider changing it so that the HOT effect ends if a unit takes damage. 

Don't have time to give more now, may add more through out the week.


  • Thanks for the feedback Zhi! Response below:

    1) Hit reaction time and animation times in general need another look. This will be ongoing as we add more units, and really dig into balance.
    2) Damage related to the cost of the unit is interesting, but a little more opaque to the player but worth investigating, thanks for the idea.
    3) You can tilt the camera up to nearly 180. I forget the default key binding but I use middle mouse for tilt/orbit. Give it a shot.
    4) We have to do a pass on the unit numbers min max and composition all over. This will get revised a few times before we ship, I'm sure.
    5) Currently we have to split discussions about deities into MP and Coop, since they do diverge somewhat but with that said ... We'll be adding more deities as time goes on, and there's going to be some interesting changes that I think will make you happy in the not too distant future (for coop deities).
    6) Healing potion effects are a Heal over Time, which is cancelled on damage. If it's not, then it's a bug. With that said, there will be more variants of potions we'll be trying in the future, so looking forward to you guys feedback there too.

    Thanks again for the notes, good stuff!
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