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A Call to Arms!

edited December 2016 in News & Announcements
Deadhold: Call To Arms!

We have exciting news to share! Deadhold is entering a new phase of development and we are looking for dedicated testers to join us for weekly play testing on Saturdays from 8-10 pm EST starting on January 7th. If you aren’t able to help us test right now or aren’t selected don’t despair (space is limited)! We will be growing the testing over the coming weeks. Come join our Discord server anyway and say hello to the developers. We value our community and especially your feedback and want you there with us.

Click this link to join our Discord server:

To be considered you must:

1)  Be available on Saturdays from 8-10PM EST starting January 7th through March 25th (you are welcome to test for as long as you like of course!).
2)  Have a computer with the following minimum specs:
a)  PC with Windows 7/8/10 or a Mac with OSX 10.8 or newer.
b)  Radeon HD7000, Geforce 645/860, or Intel HD5000 or better.
c)  Intel i5 or better processor.
d)  Have an internet connection with at least 10mbit up/down.
3)  Own a working headset and microphone for VOIP during playtesting (participation in VOIP is required during our early testing).
4)  If you have a twitch account you should be ready to stream during testing once we give the all clear.

Here’s How To Join Our Testing Group:

1)  Make sure you meet the minimum requirements.
2)  Join our Discord server:
3)  Go into the #recruiting channel and post a message with the following (or private message fisj):
a)  Give us a brief list of RTS games you have played, if any.
b)  Your system specs (PC or Mac, operating system version, GPU, CPU, and internet speed).
c)  Your twitch account (if you have one). Please indicate if you have streamed before.
4)  If you are selected a developer will contact you via private message.
5)  Likelihood of your selection as a tester in this round will be vastly improved if you have a Twitch account and have streamed before. 
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