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  • Well, I come from tfl and myth 2 era...

    Lord Icuss Tank ~TC~

    Nough said, hope to see you all when this is live.
  • Hey Icuss, nice to see a familiar name. Will we hear from the rest of Tank Clan?
  • No aliases, this is my true name

    American, Marine corps veteran.


    Played Myth for years, but sadly long after the glory days, wish I had been there.

    Did work with fear and loathing a lot, but never released anything, perhaps I should have.

    More than any other game type, did coops with Capital, must of been a thousand or more.

    Love, Joel

  • nickname Raper (  stupid kid didnt know what it ment back then )
    nationality switzerland
    age 28
    previous experience

    a long time ago i got a myth demo on some magazine's cd, a Myth TFL demo, DAMN WAS IT GOOD!!!!! played it over and over , never bought the actual game. when myth ii came out at first i couldn't play it online due to no internet. later on though! played the ww2 mod like crazy over years and years from the bungie servers to playmyth onwards to mariusnet, till finally it closed it's gates.
    participated in a few tournaments, the last two from the ww2 mod times in late playmyth era where cf had a 3way tie finals with reich and duelists which never got played to the end due to duelists getting swept by us and them not wanting to play reich anymore... to which we lost in a close duel 3:4. later on some ww2 ffa tournament in which i finished 2nd behinde my mate col.avanor.
    then, playmyth died.
    mariusnet ! some good times playing regular myth, although i never got very decent at it. played in a bunch of MWC rabble teams, sometimes finishing deadlast, other times somewhere in the middle. One tournament with some veterans from thundercox, in the winter series tournament, we finished 2nd or 3rd? i dont remember.
    anyway, PLEASE SEND ME A KEY!!!!!!!

    and hello to all the other mythers, some familiar names in this forum !
  • Raper you clown whatup
  • i am ruin.

    you all know me.
  • I laddered during the golden years of ftt and myth2 when at any point of day there were people to play with. Everyone played Raid the Plains. Im thrilled to see people reviving the spirit of the myth games.
  • Aliases: General Pepper, Pepper, Selgeron
    Myth: Started in 1997
    Age: 29
    Profession: Social Services
    Played Myth on and off since 1997.  Heard about Deadhold from Drunken Deer while playing on Gate of Storms.  Really excited about this one, hope it gets the publicity it deserves.
  • edited May 2015
    Alias: Viktor, Viktor87
    Nationality: Russian
    Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
    Occupation: translator, teacher, artist, occasional student
    Favorite Myth plugins: Bushido, Assassin, Civil War, Chimera... Sengoku :)
    Other games: Starcraft: Brood War, Zero-K, Ground Control I

    I lived in the U.S. for a while, and Myth: The Fallen Lords was the first game I remember playing after moving there in 1997. A few years later I actually got a copy of the Total Codex and have been obsessed with the series ever since.

    - I forced all my friends to get Myth II and play it with me over LAN.
    - Created Sengoku, a multiplayer-oriented plugin based on the Bushido tagset, that I spent five years   developing and play-testing with my friends.
    - Occasionally lurked on the Project Magma forums soliciting people for advice.
    - Probably the only person to have ever organized a Myth II LAN party in Beirut, Lebanon :)
    - Generated lots of Myth-themed artwork.

    These days I am back in Russia, haven't been playing any games for years... and then I found out about Deadhold. I'm really inspired by reading all these self-introductions, I have the same feeling I did when the Heron Guard returned to Muirthemne :))) Myth is really more than a game, it's an idea, perhaps even an ideology to some :)

    Want to become involved in playtesting and localization of Deadhold online resources and media into Russian, if not the game itself.

  • Aliases: Brainbug, Belgianbonzai
    Nationality: Belgian
    Age: 33
    Occupation: miniature tree (Also, technical writing)

    Order: [A]lliance -> Real Men Alliance
    Favorite plugins: Mazzarin's Demise and Requiem of the dead

    Played myth for about 7years, from somewhere end of 90's, mainly coop maps.
    Now playing League of Legends (ARAM).

  • Nickname: Road
    Age: 42

    Played Myth for a long time, made some mods, enough said.

    Heyaz OOga!
  • edited July 2015
    hi everyone!

    original ,/|kira here

    so awesome to see so many familiar faces, especially ruin <3

    "Blood feeds blood. Blood calls blood. Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be."
  • Started with Soulblighter, I was the recipient of one of the original Soulblighter CDs that had the bug where if you installed to directory other than the default and then uninstalled the game it would wipe your c:\
    :-j  Bungie sent out replacement disks.

    I was never any good, but I had loads of fun getting slaughtered.

    Played under the name, Sammael
    Was part of tiny order called {EoW} with Perrin.  We competed in the mwc '99

    Really looking forward to this, it looks great so far.
  • Nae'blis. Member of uDog (hi guys!). Long time Myth player. Slight contributor to Project Magma game updates and testing.
  • nickname: Judd, Juddy, Judensteiner, JuddyJ
    nationality: Australian
    age: 33
    occupation: soldier
    previous experience;

    Gday all !
    I was TFL addicted for a long time, late 90s early 00s, I loved playing coop and light-team and ffa.
    Made a few solo plugins for TFL under the moniker cBc (Crows Bridge Cartographers) with Capital, Groovedog, Crazyrooster and Subzero, but I recognize quite a few names here and boy, thinking about it  does it bring back some memories !

    The game looks great !
    Would love to help with testing if help is needed !
  • Nickname: Mechjock - Desf -
    Nationality: American
    Age: 30
    Previous experience:  Not sure what's most relevant but I was a co-founder of Desf, a fairly small but still visible order on Placed in a whole boatload of tournaments individually. I worked on the failed Marathon TC that was not El Bastard's. Was involved in some low level map making otherwise, nothing that made a terribly big splash.
  • Nickname: August
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Age: 30
    Started playing Soulblighter and had a lot of fun for a long time. My skills was so so. Became an emp once. Really looking farward to test Deadhold. By watching the vids I really start to get the cravings.

    Can I help you with alpha-testing ;) ?
  • Myth/Myth II Nick: Spahrep
    Nationality: Canadian
    Age: 34

    I played a lot of Myth / Myth II online, was in a guild AMotT with myself and a few highschool buddies at the time. Made my way into the top 50 once, and a guild mate made top 10, but as a guild we didn't place highly in any tournaments.  Myth has always been my yard stick when talking about games, its been a long while, but nothing has yet to approach the level of balance, lore, and just fun that myth II provided me.

    I'm very excited for this title and will do what i can to help out.
  • edited March 2016
    Nickname: in the days of TFL it used to be Electrofryer, but let us never speak of it again
    Nationality: Swedish
    Age: hoping to score a motorized wheelchair in a few years

    I just recently played through TFL and Soulblighter again (now that was a disappointng sequel). I also remember thinking that Myth 3 had better multiplayer than Soulblighter and it's a shame it was short-lived. Anyway, this certainly was a nice surprise. I was hoping somebody would do something similiar to Myth again.
  • Nick: I went by DeadEyE
    Nationality: American
    Age: 31

    I started playing Myth during the very end of beta testing. I fell into the series after searching for 'beta test' on Lycos and signing up for the Myth Beta somewhere. I put the most time into Soulblighter, played multiplayer a bit (but was limited because we only had one phone line). I dabbled with Fear and Loathing and published a crummy mod to The Mill.

    I love Myth, the lore and atmosphere especially. I've always checked in to see if anyone was going to pick up the series for another episode but it never happened, I went on to search for games that were similar but nothing seems to exist. So I'm really excited about this project and I really hope you guys can do a single player campaign.

    A picture of one of my prized possessions:
  • Nickname: Scratch
    Nationality: USofA
    Age: A couple shy of ½ a century

    I've been playing (poorly) for just about as long as the game has been out.
    Started out with coop, moved on to WW2, then Reg. I'm no plugin snob, I suck at them all pretty much equally.

    I bet my plugins folder is bigger than most!
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