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Who are you?

The title says it all! Who are you, what are your experiences with the Myth games ( if any ), with Deadhold, etc.


  • Ill start off:

    Nickname: Zaramis, has been the same since TFL days
    Nationality: Swedish
    Age: 30
    Previous experience:

    Played in the order LoA in TFL, then joined Swedish Meatballs in Myth 2. Placed well in Myth World Cup 2000 ( #5/#6 ) where I also met all the guys in Northern Paladins. Played with team Monkey Island in MWC2001, then sort of drifted away even if I came back occasionally.

    Played in an FFA order as well for some time as well as hung out with the Np people, Some Loser and a bunch of the oldies from the early days.

    Looking forward to this game something absurd!
  • Nickname: fisj, same since TFL days too!
    Nationality: Hard to tell these days.
    Age: Older than I used to be
    What I do now: Deadhold Developer

    Started modding Bungie games, first Marathon, then Myth. Hacked together the first 3rd party Myth map, called "If I had a Yeti". Was a member of the infamous Voracious Rabbits, and Founded a map making group called Vista.

    First game job was working on Myth 3 ... oof. Stayed in the game industry since, cause despite everything I can't help making games.

    Looking forward to playing Deadhold with the community!
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    Name: Conner since the first days of TFL
    Located in the middle of USA
    Age 40-something
    What I Do Now: DBA for a health care company

    Joined Clan Plaid in early 1998 as member #9. Helped shape and define the direction we took. Played Myth2, assisted with some mapmaking and testing in the early days but nothing on the artistic side. Eventually went back to TLF. Probably most known as helping create Mariusnet when the TLF bnet server went down. Ran that for a while before handing it off. When the TFL tools were leaked I started learning some scripting, tweaked the TFL solo levels some then created a few coops.

    Deadhold is looking good so far. I know it's a long way down the road but I am interested in the solo/coop, and will help in any way I can.
  • Kelstek, player of things Myth since 1997, member of the Voracious Rabbits, former Grand Poobah of the Professional Dwarven Golf Association.

    I'm developing a DevOps platform at a smallish telecom company as my full-time job. My no-free-time job is developing an arcade cabinet game in Unity. Slowly. Ever so very, very slowly.

    I'm excitedly anticipating testing the bottom end hardware requirements of Deadhold.
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    Name: Tom. Known as El Bastard, or wayward spleen.
    Nationality: USA USA USA (can I leave the country yet?)
    Age: just shy of being the answer to the ultimate question.
    Profession: developer. Have a strong focus on web work (hence my time at Bungie on the team)

    Joined clan bear [cb] after gaining notoriety with my hexing guide (or maybe before). Named in credits for far too many tools because I was pretty good at reading into the structure of the data files. Decent map maker best known for my work on Fetchball, I imagine.

    Did a ton of solo work, part of Vista, and the guy who single-handedly did all the tag work for a marathon TC years before anyone else released theirs. ;)

    Sadly my 3d space combat sim for Myth II died in a hard drive crash.

    Haven't really done a lot of 3rd party work since Myth III (the map packs that Clem took credit for were extensively my work) - but I have been working on a space exploration game for a couple of years now. Still working on the core gameplay but have a fair amount of tech demos waiting to be married to an engine.

    Really looking forward to playing Deadhold even if I won't do so religiously ;)
  • Nickname: SirLoin (usually)
    Location: Chicago
    Age: getting close to 50 (!)
    Profession: game designer, soon to be founder of indie studio

    PR Director for Bungie from Marathon, through Myth, to Halo1. Ran the tournaments, did the demos, wrote/edited all text. Suggested adding "The Fallen Lords" to the name after the Myst guys threatened to sue us. Did a press release on the fantastic mods the community was making with the tools, was very impressed by them. I'm looking forward to playing Deadhold and hopefully contributing.
  • edited December 2014

    Nickname: Pyro

    Location: Texas

    Myth Related:

    I found out about Myth back in late 2001. I came late into the party in regards to Myth and computers in those days. Stuck around in the Myth community since then with breaks to keep sane. Learned how to use the Myth tools to work on plugins and make a few along the way. Now I'm one of the main testers for Myth 2 updates. I'm also one of the few people still answering questions on the forums to get players' Myth issues sorted out or to get them started on mapmaking.

    There is still a Myth 2 server, just in case any of you got the urge to load it up for old times' sake.

  • kagkag
    edited December 2014

    Nickname: kag or lemurs

    Location: Boston

    Age: 30 something (need to do math)

    Myth Related: Played myth from early on and was part of the smash beta of myth II onward. Was a part of Voracious Rabbits and have fond memories of staying up late and playing games with the kiwis :)

  • Nickname: golux13 now, used to be Bloodrain in TFL
    Location: Chicago
    Age: older than most people here
    Profession: intellectual property lawyer, looking to do more game-related work (board/video), possibly even get out of legal practice entirely, as long as I can still afford to send my mortgage lender's kids through college - SirLoin, you and I should meet just on principle.

    I started playing Myth in 1997 on a Mac that could barely run it (lag!), after having become a Bungie fan via Pathways and Marathon. Made my way into Clan Plaid and then Geezers from Hell - I still maintain dual citizenship. I was never that good at Myth, but it was never not fun. I am far too lazy to do the setup to get back into playing Myth or Myth 2, but I am looking forward to Deadhold and introducing it to my kids.
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    Nicename: Circ

    Location: Northern Virginia

    Age: 40something

    Profession: UI engineer

    Myth Resumé: 
    • Former Voracious Rabbit (news whore)
    • Former Vista member
    • Former bnet admin during Myth2 (as BNADaniel)
    • Author of Blunt Force Trauma
    • Co-author of Tallow Abbey
    • Non-receiver of Soulblighter bust promised to us for beta testing Myth2
    • Wonderer of the current status of Vodi, Kentaro, Rahl and DW.
    Looking forward to playing with everyone!
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    Nickname: Patroclus (Sir Isaac Nukem in TF2)

    Age: 40something

    Location: Chicago

    Profession: Biologist

    As a long-time mac user, I was of course a Bungie fan (Minotaur, Pathways into Darkness, Marathon) so I got Myth: TFL at launch and absolutely played both it and the sequel to pieces.

    In addition to joining Clan Plaid, I was pretty involved in speed running the Myth games, breaking several records for Myth I and Myth II levels (although I think all of my times except for Through the Ermine have been beaten.) I have been meaning to reinstall and play through all the coop levels again.
  • Nickname: Codex
    Location: New Zealand
    Age: 16

    I started playing Myth II in 2008, I really enjoyed it. I had a break from it for a while, until I decided to create a team in Myth World Cup 2013. That was lots of fun and it really got me back into the game. I look forward to Deadhold. I'm excited to see what it will become. I have experience in design and web development, amongst other things.
  • Hi my Folk,

    I am juliocpaes of the Forum total tain codex, member since September 2011,
    Here in DEADHOLD, I'm only "Julio" - or "Jules Verne" - eh eh eh.

    Julio image
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    Nickname: Carlinho
    Nationality: Argentina
    Location: USA
    Age: too many to count
    Previous experience: 

    Started modding solo back in 2003, won the 2003 RMA Mapmaking contest with a plugin 1944 Dday with occasional periods of absence continued modding until a few years ago in an HD version of 1944 and an ancient  greek tag set conversion . Rarely played online rather focused on modding.
    Hope one day Deadhold allows for modding too!
    Congrats on the Steam green Light!

  • Nickname: SoulBlade

    I was part of Babyshakers Deer crew.  We used to play Coop games for like seven hours straight...  Damn you Babyshaker for all those AFK moments!  :-)  Just kidding.  You rock.

    The first two Myth games are still my favorite RTT games ever.  I recommend them to people to this day.  I even remade the original game's opening text crawl and background in After Effects and photoshop when I was just starting motion graphic work.  I've always wanted to film a live action version of that game's intro, but have never found the right time or money to do it.  Someday...   

    Big thanks to all you modders who kept the Myth games going, and continue to keep things rolling.  Amazing work.
  • Nickname: NewMutator

    I read about Myth in Computer Games Strategy Plus, borrowed the PC Gamer disc with the demo, and became immediately hooked. After went down I took a hiatus until 2006, when my younger brother found my old Myth CD and introduced me to Mazzarin's Demise, which blew my mind. I kept tabs on the state of the game from that point on, electing to produce online content as a tribute to the series and its community, among other reasons. Everything is available on the YouTube channel. Looking forward to watching Deadhold develop!
  • - Played Myth from December 1997 to November 2006.
    - Founder of uDogs.
    - Founder of Project Magma.
    - Project Lead & Creator of Mazzarin's Demise series.

  • Nickname: MAIK
    Nationality: Russian
    Age: 17
    Previous experience: Play Myth began in 2010, when he found an old box of the game in the couch of my uncle.

    Within 3 years, I have created a plugin for Myth II Soulblighter.
  • edited January 2015
    -Played bungie games since Pathways into Darkness
    -Created tons of well-received levels both single and mulitplayer for the Marathon series
    -Was involved in many total-conversions for the Marathon series, including Red, Eternal, M1A1 and Portal of Sigma (unreleased), and have hundreds of personally created levels available for perusal on the marathon level archives at
    -Went on to become a well-known Myth 2 plugin author. I used Bartok and Mesh Inspector Gold and all that stuff plenty during TFL, but I never released anything - so when Fear came along I was very prepared to delve into it and learn everything I could. Myth 2 hit and I instantly fell in love with how powerful and complex the projectile and physics system were.
    -Co-creator of Heroes of Co-op
    -Involved with, contributed to or tested more Myth 2 projects than you can shake a stick at. Helped tons of different 3d artists put units into myth by batch actioning the images with photoshop into a format Myth can use, and then using amber/oak to create the collection.
    -Did lots of collection work for the Laws of Evil 2 project by Khellek
    -Creator of the Mjolnir Project, a tagset that incorporates the very best of everything Marathon into Myth. The idea has been attempted before, but I went through painstaking efforts to make sure the damage and hitpoint values from marathon all made their way into Myth, and that as little "liberties" were taken as possible in regards to the myth and marathon engines' differences.
    -Co-Creator of the Myth HD Total Conversion, which covers just about every unit in myth 1 and 2 with the exception of soulblighter with high-resolution versions of the original bungie models. Also covers a lot of scenery, and all ambient life. Best used in combination with Jon God's detail texture pack
    -Creator of customized particle effects, tweaker of photoshop images, batch action fiend and tinkerer of editors of all types

    Look forward to seeing the soul of myth gameplay in a new engine, with new ideas! I know this game isn't going to be Myth, but as long as it's made by people who hold Myth dear in their hearts, I know it's going to be a smash hit :)

  • Alias known as Wishwizard, drunken_deer, Kingthrall, drunken_Irishman, kronin.

    Started gaming early 90's (zork nemesis and diablo 1 first games ever played)

    Starcraft Broodwars champion ranked 67 world standing during 1999, peak of myth community at the time.
    Made many famous maps including Starship troopers map, kill the overmind rpg using starcraft map maker. Ended up making a old group of players in a channel (also known as a rabble group) to try and destroy clans. You know when clan members kick individuals for clan only games, essentially I made a clan of individuals with no names/tag and was known as the butcher (diablo 1 reference) of clans.

    was high ranked counter strike source player for a while, old Hungarian girlfriend was champion got me into it, broke up kind of lost interest, was for about a year and a bit.

    Played a plethora of games, essentially I can pick up any game and be adept at it, from fps to 4x strat  style games.

    First game of myth played in 2008, went online as a joke as I played myth 1 single player as a kid, wanted to play the 2nd game and found a online community, ended up joining last minute ULMS with killerking. 

    Ended up forming Masters of the Universe which ended up joining babyshakers old empty order of deer. 

    Played a few myth world cup tourney, won a tournament, co-hosted a mwc tournament in 2010 with Liger.

    hmm probally could say more but in essence I am a well seasoned vet gamer, still young in mid 20's.
  • I am CheezFist.
    Myth Hall of Fame and creator of the OMGWTF?! Myth comic strip.

  • Nickname: Leif
    Nationality: Californian
    Age: Older than I look

    Previous experience:
    Been a fan of Bungie games since the original Marathon. Got hooked on the Myth TFL demo and couldn't stop playing Myth for the next 10 years. Also made some maps and ran some team free for all tournaments. Working as a designer/artist on mobile games now in SF.
  • Nickname: vinylrake
    Nationality: I live in an ex-colony of Britain
    Age: Geezers from Hell call me "Sir".
    What I do now: IT stuff. Programming, system/application administration, etc

    Previous experience.
    Got addicted to Myth when the Total Codex came out. (1999?). Plowed through the TFL solo campaign, then had wait a few months until I could get a new computer to play Myth 2 with a decent FPS rate (software mode was excrutiating)  Eventually stumbled into the online world of Myth, playing TFL on mnet and SB on  I was a member of Clan Ramone ("Gabba Gabba Slay!") then OoH. Participated in a handful of MWC tournaments mostly with OoH and some solo tournaments.  I made a couple of maps which are pretty unremarkable despite how long it took me to create them. I dug up and collected a lot of Myth related articles and info from dead Myth sites which I have mirrored/republished and maintain at the Myth Graveyard (  I've hosted private forums for Myth project development teams and provided webspace/storage for Myth content creators who needed it. 

    I am really looking forward to playing Deadhold a lot and to seeing the community that springs up around it.
  • Nickname: Garrick -n- 
    Nationality: Canadian 
    Age: Late twenties 
    Career: Greenhouse Grower 

    History: Started playing myth in the TFL days, although I never really participated in the online community until myth 2. My first order was 'balls sacs', which I started with a player named cruiser. I eventually ended up joining an order called No Mercy. The members of this order became my friends and long term companions. I am currently the only active myth player from this order today; although, I still chat with Bk (Andy) and Char (eric) every now and then. As an order, we experienced limited success in the tournament scene. Still I would not trade them for another group of guys if given the chance. It took me a long time to learn the game and I clearly remember taking many beatings from much better players for a very long time. Stormin tormin, Bob, and Neo, in particular, took great pride in mashing my armies into bits game in and game out. I think the relentless beatings from those times really helped me develop into the player I am today. 

    I made a total of one playable map in the entirety of my myth career. It was very unfinished and poorly designed. I am not a map maker. I'm not even sure if the file  is still around or if it disappeared into nothingness. Oh well! 

    I will add more to this later if I think of anything. My memory is terrible. :p 
  • Aliases: Supercobra, Cob, sacricobra (late to XBL/PSN, grr)
    Nationality: 'strayan
    Location: tba
    Blurb: Long time hanger on, currently rather quietly (blown my cover here though, eek!), playing Bungie games since Marathon, hrm, that'll do.

    Back to fixing this code...
  • I'm foxlinked, hello.
    I'm 29 yo, live in Google fiber town, KCK.

    I made a few simple plugins with a couple people for tfl which involved putting in metroids, evil snowmen, and equipping dwarves with quake rocket launchers. I was in PBH, Vss, PS, KC, SFUM, Ac2k and probably some other series of I mean clans. I thought CB'ing was the funnest part of the game. I played tfl in 98-03ish along with sb. I honestly never liked the changes in sb compared to tfl so I played tfl way more. I moved onto tribes 2 and unreal tournament 3 afterwards. I also am typing this out on my phone which is kind of frustrating.

    Playing StarCraft 2 has given me habits that make it hard to play myth anymore but I still love the game... Myth gave me my first real online community and introduced me to some awesome and amazing people, some of which I'm still in contact with today. I also stream sometimes at

    You guys got me pretty hype for this game! Looking forward to it!
  • Fox - you were in PBH? When?
  • Nickname: MasterChief ~Deer~
    Nationality: Ukrainian
    Age: mid twenties
    Career: 3D artist 

    Played myth 1,2 offline, from way back when it came out, joined Mariusnet and played myth online. Liked Myth 3, despite its problems, realized that it was a hard time to transit from 2.5D to complete 3D.
    Competitive player, played a lot of MP games.
  • Cody Douglas, age 24, lives in Canada I started playing myth when I was about 8 years old on a demo version on a disc it came on with a magazine for macintosh. I got instantly hooked and loved it so much that I rushed out to the store and got the total codex version containing myth 1 and 2. I remember loving the narrative story as well as the awesome combat. Then when I got online I became obsessed with the Ranking system being excited and pumped that I attained that new rank icon or disappointed when you lost it and reverted to a lower rank. Then myth 3 came out and I got it for my birthday and purposely stayed home sick from school to set it up and play. Although I had a hell of a time even getting it to properly work I was greeted finally with nice visuals and the same strong game play. I have played on and off through out the years since then. Sorry about the wall of text can't properly format on this phone lol
  • Nickname:  adrenaline
    Nationality:  Canadian
    Age: 33
    Previous Experience:

    Been playing since 1997... started of unimapping Mudpit Massacre Dark until later broadening my horizons.  On TFL, I played with clans such as ~SoM~, #@L@, VoV, *FoG*, and probably a few others.  I didn't play much M2 prior to 2003 because my computer couldn't really handle it, though I did play occasionally.  Hooked up with some old TFL friends in 2006 for MWC (we've since been referred to as NC, or NameChangers... we were finalists and/or champions in every 2-team tournament from 2007-2011.  Sooo I guess I bring some competitive experience to the table :)
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